Patient Education Leaflet

  • Tackle pain.
    Pain is a signal from your body. Do not be afraid of it. It acts as a baseline to study the “before and after” effects of
    any treatment.
  • When in Pain, Exercise,
    only as advised by your Physiotherapist. Each patient, having similar pains, might
    respond to different and individualized treatment.
  • Two main causes of pain
    : Chemical cause & Mechanical cause. Mechanical pain is tackled by movement, as prescribed by the Physiotherapist. Chemical pain is tackled by
    medicines as prescribed by your Doctor and rest. Many a times, the chemical pain may be a response of the body, due to a Mechanical problem. A
    coordinated effort between the doctors and the physiotherapist leads to early recovery.
  • Too much Rest should be avoided. Too much Rest only weakens your muscles, thus supporting your joints less.
  • Do not Ignore Pain for more than 2 days.
    The earlier you get it checked; the better will be your recovery. Do not waste time.
  • Use correct techniques for day to day activities like sitting, standing, lifting, sleeping, working, etc.
  • Interrupt any static posture every half an hour. Change postures frequently.
  • You need not depend on machines for your treatment. The therapist shall assess and guide you in the way you can self manage your
  • Follow the advices sincerely
    for quicker relief. Do the exercises in the correct form and as frequently as prescribed. Do not be lazy.
  • Only you can feel your own pain. Verbal communication between the patient & therapist plays a crucial role. Patient-physiotherapist need to work as a team to understand the patient’s condition in
    the best possible way and get the best results for us both.

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