Ananth K Iyer

This is Ananth K Iyer, one of the many fortunate lives that has been touched upon by Dr. Abhishek Bangera, and has been gifted a new surge to live healthy. I am just a year short of revolving around the sun for half a century, when I made my first appointment with Dr.Abhishek possible.

I went with severely stressed out back muscles, which used to scream in pain every time I bent. I was also detected with compression of my L3 and L4 discs, which used to cause a fair amount of pain while running and post running. I was quite into fitness and running and lifting weights. But I had no inkling about what it meant to keep my working muscles strong and healthy at the core level.

The past year with him has given me a new perspective into understanding what it means to fight along with age as your partner ( not fighting age or against it, mind you !)and to lead a sustainably energetic and healthy life. Apart from his skills in physiotherapy and providing miraculously consistent relief from various pains caused due to injuries, he is a proactive trainer who has very good organizational skills and conducts workshops on ergonomics very effectively! So much so that, his constant pep talk converted me into a marathoner-of-sorts and I took part in the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon in January 2012 and did quite well by clocking the distance of 21 Km in 2hr30min. I am now training under him for the next year’s stint and aim to clock it in much lesser time.
Thanks to his meticulous programme designed for me, the pain is a thing of the past! God bless this young man and here’s praying

“May more lives get touched by this young doctor”

Ananth K Iyer 49 years December 27

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