Arun Mathew

I have been having severe back pains for more than a year now. After several tests and an MRI, the doctors told me that I have a herniated disc between my L5 & S1 vertebrae. This meant that I was now not able to bend down, lift weights and a load of other stuff. I had 2 choices – opt for surgery and get rid of the herniated disc or get in to physiotherapy to ensure I am pain free.

I opted for sports physiotherapy under the advice & guidance of Dr. Abhishek Bangera. After an intense 3 months under his guidance, I was almost pain free and was able to pursue my interest in cycling and also do regular work. Post this recovery, I consulted with Dr. Bangera to start me on physio fitness therapy so that I can get back in shape. Dr. Bangera’s approach of understanding the state of the patients’ state before he & his team start treatment is great. His method of using the natural range of motions and incorporating this to help cure the patient of his/her ailment is what sets him apart.

Dr. Bangera has not only helped me overcome my back/spinal issues but also equipped me to deal with pain in the future – THIS has helped me live a better and wholesome life without any restrictions.

Arun Mathew Mumbai December 27

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