Keyur Gala

Dr. Abhishek Bangera is not one of the best doctor but is the only best doctor that I have met.I had undergone ACL surgery in Dec 2011 but there was no relief at all from the pain even after 6 months.

I approached Abhi and believe me talking to him itself gives you confidence that your pain will go. My recovery was going well under Abhi’s Physical Therapy sessions, but then since I had to move to Andheri I had stopped my therapy sessions. History started repeating itself and my pain started aggravating, but this brother of mine (Dr. Abhishek) has always been available for consultation.

I just use to pick up my mobile and discuss what is happening to me and he has always given me proper advise. Till date he has never told me that I am busy or don’t call me up and till date I call him up and keep taking advise.
Abhishek is a guy who loves his work like anything. For him his work is his passion. In today’s world were doctors are just making money, he is the guy who does not focus on money rather his focus is just getting the individual back on track. It is only because of doctor like him that I still believe that ‘Medicine’ is a Nobel Profession.

All my best wishes with Abhishek. I would pray almighty to keep this guy as simple, hardworking and patient centric as he is now, so that he can treat more individuals. Also may god give him best of health, wealth and fame which deserves the most.

Keyur Gala Manager IT, ERP December 27

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