N. B. Patil

From a perusal of various web sites as well as discussions with surgeons about knee joint replacement process, I had gathered that the ultimate success of the operation depended largely upon the critical physiotherapy exercises to be performed by the patient after operation. The all important post-operation physiotherapy exercises are to be performed for a long period under the care, guidance and supervision of a well qualified and experienced physiotherapist. ( This is also the case with other joint replacement and orthopedic as well as a host of other related cases.)

In this respect, I was fortunate to have Dr. Abhishek Bangera, ( B.P.Th, Cert.MDT) , as my physiotherapist after my knee joint replacement operation in mid 2011. Dr. Bangera, with appropriate exercises suited for my case put me on a fast track to complete recovery in a short time. He visited me at my place and he demonstrated and trained me to perform the chosen exercises. Thanks to his help and guidance I could walk absolutely normally and with ease within three months.

Dr. Abhishek Bangera is fully qualified to attend to diverse cases where physiotherapy is a means to full recovery so as to lead a normal life. I also understand that Sai Physiotherapy Clinic established by them in Tilaknagar-Chembur, is well equipped with the essential items required for physiotherapy exercises. I have no doubt that Dr.Bangera, with his dedicated approach to relieving pain of the suffering persons will establish himself as a leading physiotherapist in near future. I sincerely wish him all success in his endeavor.

N. B. Patil Senior Citizen December 27

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