Paresh Sanghavi

A Straight and simple thank you is not enough for the wonderful care and personal attention which Dr. Abhishek Bangera and his team of Physiotherapists provided me throughout my Treatment Sessions.

My pain relieving period consisted of exercises, core muscle strengthening and upper and lower body conditioning as I am a regular athlete, running several Full Marathons.

Dr. Abhishek is a wonderful person with extensive knowledge about his field which he has accumulated. He has a thorough knowledge of the human body. He respects and recognizes the fact that every one is unique and hence his approach is with proper line of diagnosis while interacting and observing pain patterns on body movements.

I appreciate the time and effort Dr. Bangera and his team spent with me. His consultation, diagnosis, various painkiller exercises healed and brought back the smile on my face. I honestly feel his approach has made me feel confident and got me back on the running track with a Bang.

I am very lucky to have come in contact with Dr.Abhishek Bangera’ts Sai Physiotherapy Clinic. I wish him success in his endeavour and his contribution to society by bringing back the smiles on patients faces.

Paresh Sanghavi 50y, Textile Enterpreneur December 27

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