Soumil Shukla

3 years and 1 month. The former is the period of time I had been suffering from backache before seeing Abhishek and the latter is the time he took to cure it. Need I say more?..well, perhaps.

I was suffering from slipped disk since the last year of my college and had been shuttling from one physiotherapist to another for almost 3 years. It did not work out since most of them could not diagnose the problem and few who did, could not prescribe me the proper treatment.

When I went to Abhishek, our pre-treatment diagnosis session went on for almost an hour. During this, not only did he ascertain my problem but also understood the peculiarities of it.

Incidentally, I was a special case of slipped disk and required a radically different, and from what I know, actually the opposite treatment of what is usually prescribed for patients with back pain problems. The moral of the story is, Dr. Abhishek is Superman!…only that he doesn’t like to, as far as I know, wear his underwear over his pants.

Soumil Shukla Student December 27

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