Sunil Munsif

I was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis earlier and had taken a couple of steroid injections in my heel to ease my pain. The condition made walking and running difficult and I was seriously contemplating whether I should take up another activity that would be less painful. That is when I met Dr Bangera.

What immediately stood out was that he and his team understand sports related injuries.

Not many physiotherapists I have consulted would have insisted on my recreating what part of my run was most painful; whether I felt more pain turning left or turning right. But they persevered and then devised a series of stretches that have made my life largely pain free.

I have since got my wife and niece to consult him for different aches and pains, largely related to work and sitting postures. And they have also benefited hugely.

I am a big fan of Sai Physiotherapy and have recommended several people since.

Thank you Dr Abhishek. God bless!

Sunil Munsif Marathoner, Striders December 27

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