This is to express my sincere thanks for treating my Tennis Elbow in both my arms. It was a huge challenge for me to even pick up small weights forget playing golf.

With your physiotherapy coupled with your practical approach to solving the problem, I could recover within a very short span of time and start golfing as I used to earlier, after a gap of about 15 months.I wish I had consulted you earlier when I suffered from the initial pain instead of trying various other methods.I take this opportunity to wish you all the very best

Vinay Singh Director, Citi Reality December 27

I have been a back pain patient for a decade now. Surgery was never an option for me. Working with Dr. Abhishek's Physio methods taught me how to manage my pain, and build the requisite core muscles

It's comforting to know that he is always available to discuss my back pain issues. I wish him all the best

Ratish Balan Golf Enthusiast and Enterpreneur December 27

From a perusal of various web sites as well as discussions with surgeons about knee joint replacement process, I had gathered that the ultimate success of the operation depended largely upon the critical physiotherapy exercises to be performed by the patient after operation. The all important post-operation physiotherapy exercises are to be performed for a long period under the care, guidance and supervision of a well qualified and experienced physiotherapist. ( This is also the case with other joint replacement and orthopedic as well as a host of other related cases.)

In this respect, I was fortunate to have Dr. Abhishek Bangera, ( B.P.Th, Cert.MDT) , as my physiotherapist after my knee joint replacement operation in mid 2011. Dr. Bangera, with appropriate exercises suited for my case put me on a fast track to complete recovery in a short time. He visited me at my place and he demonstrated and trained me to perform the chosen exercises. Thanks to his help and guidance I could walk absolutely normally and with ease within three months.

Dr. Abhishek Bangera is fully qualified to attend to diverse cases where physiotherapy is a means to full recovery so as to lead a normal life. I also understand that Sai Physiotherapy Clinic established by them in Tilaknagar-Chembur, is well equipped with the essential items required for physiotherapy exercises. I have no doubt that Dr.Bangera, with his dedicated approach to relieving pain of the suffering persons will establish himself as a leading physiotherapist in near future. I sincerely wish him all success in his endeavor.

N. B. Patil Senior Citizen December 27

It was a wonderful experience when I met Dr.Bangera for the first time. I met many physiotherapists but none of them has treated me as he did.

His type of treatment is very much different and unique from any other physiotherapist and it has always cured my problems. It's really very good to have a friend cum Doctor in our life.

Avani & Sameer Doshi Software Professional December 27

Dr Bangera is the best doctor I have ever known. I had severe backache(slip disc) for more than 6 years. I had undergone many treatments before but of no help. Finally I had my proper treatments with the help of Dr bangera.

The sessions conducted under him proved very helpful.

Manoj Lamba Professional December 27

The team at Dr. Bangera's physiotherapy centre is very good and I have interacted with many of them while recovering from a ligament repair surgery!

Dr. Abhisek helped me gain confidence to move around normally and encouraged me to take a step forward with each session in the rehab process.

My experience has been good and I have full faith in the therapists there.

However the best thing to happen to me and my family was introduction to Dr. Poorvi Palan from their team who is helping me with my rehab and also over all fitness for the family. We look forward to her sessions and thoroughly enjoy them!

Shivani Singh Head of the Department, Institute of Urban and Regional Planning December 27

I had a catch in my neck and was not able to turn towards my right side. Under Dr.Bangera's guidance and treatment in the form of exercises, I was fine in 3 weeks.

Keep it up and all the best to you and your team.

Anita Hegde Mumbai December 27

I am glad that I got an appropriate guidance and treatment from Dr. Bangera for the continuous pain I had in my arm.

I had injured my arm and wrist so badly that there used to be a continuous pain and I had difficulties in doing my routine activities and lifting weights also.

Dr Bangera suggested simple exercises which helped me in getting quick relief from pain and that too, without using any medicine or equipment. The exercise was simple to perform and the results were truly amazing. I could get 100% relief and now I am able to do all routine activities plus I can play sports like badminton without any worries.

I am thankful to Dr. Bangera for his advise and treatment.

Urmi Sanghavi Mumbai December 27

I was suffering from paralysis in body below waist and was operated for removal of cyst in the spine in Dec. 2012. After my discharge from hospital I was convalescing at home totally bedridden.

We contacted Dr. Abhishek Bangera who agreed to treat me at home.

He visited and advised physiotherapy as needed. He also trained my caretakers how to exercise me. His treatment helped me first to sit up in bed , stand on my feet and start walking with the walker and today I am able to go out on my own, walking normally without aid of the walker or a stick.

I am really greatful to Dr. Abhishek Bangera and his team for their advice and therapy.

S Balakirshna Mumbai December 27

Dr.Abhishek Bangera has been treating my husband (age 85) over a year for Parkinson’s disease. We are very pleased with the physiotherapy and his overall treatment.

He is extremely professional and capable and has all the personal skills needed for treating an elderly patient. He painstakingly leaves no stone unturned to improve my hubby’s responses.

To us, he is not only a doctor, but has indeed become a very good helpful friend.

Mrs.Malati Tulpule Retd. Lecturer, Dept of Psychology December 27

Dr Abhishek's clinic emphasizes on modern ways of treatment in physiotherapy.

I was suffering from Fascitis since a year and had tried many drs but failed. I was in terrible pain in both my legs. With Dr.Abhishek's treatment, I am completely fine, with no pain and am back to my routine.

The best part of his treatment is, his exercises are so simple that it can be done at work too.

I was pleasantly surprised to know that physiotherapy treatments can be done without using any electronic modalities.

Even my mom was struggling with knee pain since a decade, but with Dr. Abhishek's guidance, today she is able to climb the staircase without any pain.

All Thanks to the team. Keep up the good work.

Dietician Kejal Juthani(RD) Clinical consultant December 27

Dr.Bangera is one of the best physiotheraphists around. Easy methods with great effects on your overall body. Even the complex nature of the pain gets subsided with the methods and techniques used by Dr.Bangera.

He has made me understand that surgery for major injuries can totally be avoided by a few set of exercises.

Thank you for the guidance provided.

Shyam Shankaran Mumbai December 27

I was suffering from back pain due to disc degeneration. Also had stiffness in knees and ankle bone growth.

Dr. Bangera came for home sessions and taught me exercises that kept the pain in control and also corrected my posture. He also told me simple exercises that can be done, when long standing hours is unavoidable. The tips and regular exercises keep the pain in check.

The thing that touched me the most is that he treated me like a family member. He is dedicated and very sincere. He never missed a single session. His ability to encourage and assure, is what gave me the confidence that this pain can be managed.

I wish him success in future. God Bless him.

Mukta Krishnani Mumbai December 27

I was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis earlier and had taken a couple of steroid injections in my heel to ease my pain. The condition made walking and running difficult and I was seriously contemplating whether I should take up another activity that would be less painful. That is when I met Dr Bangera.

What immediately stood out was that he and his team understand sports related injuries.

Not many physiotherapists I have consulted would have insisted on my recreating what part of my run was most painful; whether I felt more pain turning left or turning right. But they persevered and then devised a series of stretches that have made my life largely pain free.

I have since got my wife and niece to consult him for different aches and pains, largely related to work and sitting postures. And they have also benefited hugely.

I am a big fan of Sai Physiotherapy and have recommended several people since.

Thank you Dr Abhishek. God bless!

Sunil Munsif Marathoner, Striders December 27

There are very few doctors and physiotherapists in India who gives individual attention to each and every patient and Dr. Bangera is one of them.

It gives a smile, thinking of our experience with Dr. Bangera, where we do not take care or think of our injury but Dr. Bangera thinks about it more and gives a perfect solution.

Never have I found a doctor such as him who messages his patients even after weeks of cure to inquire about their health.

I can easily recommend everyone a visit to Dr.Bangera's clinic for a very warmhearted treatment for their body ailments.

Lastly also thanks to his team Dr. Ganesh and Dr. Purvi who give their best in curing the patients

Anand Shah Entrepreneur December 27

After having tried various physiotherapy treatments, massages, electrotherapy and pain killers, I have found in Dr.Abhishek Bangera's treatment a solution of all my back and shoulder problems.

He believes in treatment without the use of any machines and medicines, relying on one's own body and will power.

Dr.Bangera's patience, understanding and judgement of my case, has relieved me from recurring pain. He has given me several exercises that have improved my strength, flexibility and range of motion.

An excellent motivator, Dr.Bangera with his treatment and regular follow ups has brought back my confidence.

I have been highly recommending Dr. Bangera to my family and friends.

I wish him all the very best.

Rubel December 27

I would like to give my sincere gratitude to Dr.Abhishek Bangera, my Physio at BPCL Refinery, Mumbai, whom I consulted for severe back aches. He advised various exercises, which I followed sincerely and the results were really amazing. To date, I still continue the exercises recommended by him and I can confidently say that I am relieved of severe pains and aches.

Recently, I approached him with pain in my left shoulder and arm. I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder and with regular exercises, there is a lot of improvement. There was a time when I could not raise my left arm and movements were very much restricted. But after regular exercise, I have found a lot of relief and movement of my left arm is also much better.

I really appreciate his sincere efforts, right diagnosis, and would like to thank him profusely for bringing me back on track without having to take pain killer tablets, which I find is very rare !!

Once again I would like to thank him for all his efforts and pray to God to bless him abundantly for success in his life !!

Michelle Monteiro BPCL Refinery, Mumbai December 27

I have been visiting Dr Abhishek's Clinic since last 2 years, commuting from Pune.

I had developed tennis elbow due to constant activity on the computer.

Dr. Abhishek Bangera's treatment greatly helped me deal with my neck issue, besides, he also focuses a good deal on posture to avoid further injury. His approach is detailed and customized, in that, the clinical problem is analyzed in light of its surroundings and appropriately proceeded with.

At the clinic I was told to do a couple of exercises to relieve my pain, which I followed religiously and I have been pain free now and continue with my work without any stress to my elbows.

Thanks to Dr Abhishek!

Shilpa Jalal Pune December 27

Abhishek is a very dedicated and sincere doctor.

I had a minor jerk while riding my car, which resulted in jitters in my fingers and severe pain in the thumb and my back. I was also 2 months pregnant. I did several checkups no-one could reason or help me get relief.

He wonderfully solved it within a few sessions. The feeling of relief was priceless.

I am short of words. Thanks for all you did.

Chaitali Sanghavi Software Engineer December 27

It gives me an immense pleasure to say that Dr.Bangera has a good vision of the injuries that occur to us while running, and the way he has treated me for my sciatica problem was one of the examples.

I went to many Doctors but I was reeling in pain for 2 months. Dr.Bangera treated me in just 7 days.

I am very thankful to him as I am happy running now.

Thanks a lot.

Kalpesh Pasad Mumbai December 27

A Straight and simple thank you is not enough for the wonderful care and personal attention which Dr. Abhishek Bangera and his team of Physiotherapists provided me throughout my Treatment Sessions.

My pain relieving period consisted of exercises, core muscle strengthening and upper and lower body conditioning as I am a regular athlete, running several Full Marathons.

Dr. Abhishek is a wonderful person with extensive knowledge about his field which he has accumulated. He has a thorough knowledge of the human body. He respects and recognizes the fact that every one is unique and hence his approach is with proper line of diagnosis while interacting and observing pain patterns on body movements.

I appreciate the time and effort Dr. Bangera and his team spent with me. His consultation, diagnosis, various painkiller exercises healed and brought back the smile on my face. I honestly feel his approach has made me feel confident and got me back on the running track with a Bang.

I am very lucky to have come in contact with Dr.Abhishek Bangera'ts Sai Physiotherapy Clinic. I wish him success in his endeavour and his contribution to society by bringing back the smiles on patients faces.

Paresh Sanghavi 50y, Textile Enterpreneur December 27

3 years and 1 month. The former is the period of time I had been suffering from backache before seeing Abhishek and the latter is the time he took to cure it. Need I say more?..well, perhaps.

I was suffering from slipped disk since the last year of my college and had been shuttling from one physiotherapist to another for almost 3 years. It did not work out since most of them could not diagnose the problem and few who did, could not prescribe me the proper treatment.

When I went to Abhishek, our pre-treatment diagnosis session went on for almost an hour. During this, not only did he ascertain my problem but also understood the peculiarities of it.

Incidentally, I was a special case of slipped disk and required a radically different, and from what I know, actually the opposite treatment of what is usually prescribed for patients with back pain problems. The moral of the story is, Dr. Abhishek is Superman!...only that he doesn't like to, as far as I know, wear his underwear over his pants.

Soumil Shukla Student December 27

I have been having severe back pains for more than a year now. After several tests and an MRI, the doctors told me that I have a herniated disc between my L5 & S1 vertebrae. This meant that I was now not able to bend down, lift weights and a load of other stuff. I had 2 choices - opt for surgery and get rid of the herniated disc or get in to physiotherapy to ensure I am pain free.

I opted for sports physiotherapy under the advice & guidance of Dr. Abhishek Bangera. After an intense 3 months under his guidance, I was almost pain free and was able to pursue my interest in cycling and also do regular work. Post this recovery, I consulted with Dr. Bangera to start me on physio fitness therapy so that I can get back in shape. Dr. Bangera's approach of understanding the state of the patients' state before he & his team start treatment is great. His method of using the natural range of motions and incorporating this to help cure the patient of his/her ailment is what sets him apart.

Dr. Bangera has not only helped me overcome my back/spinal issues but also equipped me to deal with pain in the future - THIS has helped me live a better and wholesome life without any restrictions.

Arun Mathew Mumbai December 27

Dr. Abhishek Bangera is not one of the best doctor but is the only best doctor that I have met.I had undergone ACL surgery in Dec 2011 but there was no relief at all from the pain even after 6 months.

I approached Abhi and believe me talking to him itself gives you confidence that your pain will go. My recovery was going well under Abhi's Physical Therapy sessions, but then since I had to move to Andheri I had stopped my therapy sessions. History started repeating itself and my pain started aggravating, but this brother of mine (Dr. Abhishek) has always been available for consultation.

I just use to pick up my mobile and discuss what is happening to me and he has always given me proper advise. Till date he has never told me that I am busy or don't call me up and till date I call him up and keep taking advise.
Abhishek is a guy who loves his work like anything. For him his work is his passion. In today's world were doctors are just making money, he is the guy who does not focus on money rather his focus is just getting the individual back on track. It is only because of doctor like him that I still believe that 'Medicine' is a Nobel Profession.

All my best wishes with Abhishek. I would pray almighty to keep this guy as simple, hardworking and patient centric as he is now, so that he can treat more individuals. Also may god give him best of health, wealth and fame which deserves the most.

Keyur Gala Manager IT, ERP December 27

I have tried to convey my feelings below, but sometimes even for poets to find right words for special persons is as difficult as finding stars in day light.

I suffered Cervical Spondylosis and was Hospitalised for 7 days and was on complete Bed rest for another 21 days. After recovery even sitting and working in office/driving car was causing pain forget about lifting weight and gyming.

One of my friend, a Marathon runner guided me to Dr Abhishek.

Meeting him transformed my life. He not only suggested simple exercises, corrected my posture but also gave me confidence. Now I am able to do weight training at Gym even I lift my kids without any fear. Thanks to Dr Abhishek. Over and above this he is a wonderful Human being.

Naresh Director - Tritech December 27

My first visit to Dr.Abhishek Bangera was for my glute muscle pain & the way he started treating me seemed like I was one of his oldest patients. Perhaps he knows the art of handling a patient extremely well & has complete awareness that the solution to any pain lies in our body itself & that is how he carries out his treatment, with utmost care & gentle manner. Exercise is what he suggests, unlike other physio's shock therapy or any other foreign conduct.

I hereby prescribe everyone a visit to Dr.Bangera's clinic for a very warmhearted treatment of your body ailments.

Needless to mention his assistant Dr.Purvi Palan, who keeps following up on each patient regarding the progress.

Imran Syed Dance Choreographer December 27

This is Ananth K Iyer, one of the many fortunate lives that has been touched upon by Dr. Abhishek Bangera, and has been gifted a new surge to live healthy. I am just a year short of revolving around the sun for half a century, when I made my first appointment with Dr.Abhishek possible.

I went with severely stressed out back muscles, which used to scream in pain every time I bent. I was also detected with compression of my L3 and L4 discs, which used to cause a fair amount of pain while running and post running. I was quite into fitness and running and lifting weights. But I had no inkling about what it meant to keep my working muscles strong and healthy at the core level.

The past year with him has given me a new perspective into understanding what it means to fight along with age as your partner ( not fighting age or against it, mind you !)and to lead a sustainably energetic and healthy life. Apart from his skills in physiotherapy and providing miraculously consistent relief from various pains caused due to injuries, he is a proactive trainer who has very good organizational skills and conducts workshops on ergonomics very effectively! So much so that, his constant pep talk converted me into a marathoner-of-sorts and I took part in the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon in January 2012 and did quite well by clocking the distance of 21 Km in 2hr30min. I am now training under him for the next year's stint and aim to clock it in much lesser time.
Thanks to his meticulous programme designed for me, the pain is a thing of the past! God bless this young man and here's praying

"May more lives get touched by this young doctor"

Ananth K Iyer 49 years December 27

Our heartfelt gratitude to you and your team for the support they extended during Veterun at Pune on October 5!!

The team was very motivated in providing aid and services to all those in need. They were at the start/finish point and along the route. They were a big help to us in conducting the event successfully.

I would certainly recommend your services to others.

Thank you.

Nitin Joshi Veterun December 27

First of heartfelt thanks to you and your wonderful team of Physios for being a part of the recently concluded cycling event Veloraid 2014.

You and your team's support in terms of providing physio therapy to the participants of this grueling 180 kms race was indeed amazing and of great help. I would say it was a contributory factor which helped many to complete the race without injuries.

All those who got your teams attention were all praises for you and your team.

I wish you and your team all the best and look forward to your association in future events too.

Best Regards,

Jose George Organizer - Veloraid Cyclothon December 27

The Storm Chasers are all sincerely grateful and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the professional services, advice and care administered by you, whenever required, to all the participants at the USHA Mumbai Gheun Tak 2014 Ultimate Frisbee tournament held at the Goregaon Sports Club on the 7th and 8th of March 2014.

It is paramount that all major sporting events be held under the supervision of professional medical personnel and to have a Physiotherapist of your quality with us was invaluable. Not only were you readily available, throughout the entire tournament whenever injuries occurred but you also proved to be a wealth of information to the players, as to how best to avoid them.

Taking into consideration that the tournament spanned the duration of two days, Friday and Saturday, from 09:00 in the morning to 21:30 at night, and that you were readily available through the entirety of it, and that you volunteered your services so willingly speaks volumes of your character and the pure love you have for sport. This is an extremely important quality and is not easily found in professionals in your field.

The experience of interacting with you was so professional and friendly that we would definitely recommend you to all our friends and family.

Storm Chasers Tournament Organizers, Mumbai December 27

I am a banker with the nature of my job being mainly a desk job.

I was afflicted with a severe low backache (L4, L5) which had rendered me completely immobile.
It was during these torrid times that I consulted Dr. Abhishek Bangera upon insistence of one of my close acquaintances.

I must admit that 50% of the ailment was cured in the first meeting itself thanks to the personalized and confidence building approach adopted by Dr. Abhishek, unlike other commercialized approach adopted in today’s world by most of the professionals in this field.

Added to this were a few selective physio exercises advised to be followed regularly which have put me back on my feet with immobility being a thing of the past.

A “BIG THANK YOU” Dr. Abhishek

Haseeb Pathan Banker, Dubai December 27

It was our privilege to have you and your efficient team for the event Mumbai Ultra: 12 Hour run on 15th August 2014.

On behalf of team SPMC, I sincerely thank each one of you for your valuable time and support for this event.

All the participants were really happy with the assistance provided by you all and they did mention that their run was made comfortable and that they could enjoy their run for 12 long hours.

We at SPMC, truly appreciate your efforts.

Many many thanks and warmest regards. Wishing you and your team good luck!

Sujata Suvarnapathki Shivaji Park Marathon Club (SPMC) December 27

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